Unleashing Intuition Secrets

Loving the Self, the Earth, and All Races with Alex Collier

May 10, 2021

"Wishing is where the heart wants to go. And doing makes the dream come true. You know, once you know what you want, the only thing in your way is you. There really are no obstacles."


Join host Michael Jaco, Ex-Navy Seal, who teaches you how to tap into your Intuition and Unleash the Power within, so you can become the Master of your Reality. In this week’s episode  he welcomes Alex Collier to the show. Alex shares how his contact with Andromedon started, his interactions with them, how he got used to telepathy with them, what the 4th and 5th density are like, what will happen as we move toward the 5D, and what we need to do to continue our consciousness evolution. 


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Or email him directly: galahad1818@outlook.com

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