Unleashing Intuition Secrets

The Rebirthing of Humanity in Current Times with Janine Morigeau

June 4, 2021

“In the next year we should already see a lot of blooming, that seed is already sprouting. Even in the next year you already should see a new direction in art... I feel like we’re going to get a lot more pure and vibrationally higher.”


Join host Michael Jaco, Ex-Navy Seal, who teaches you how to tap into your Intuition and Unleash the Power within, so you can become the Master of your Reality. In this weeks episode, he welcomes Janine Morigeau to the show. Janine is a High intuitive, Tarot reader, You-tuber, Spiritual life coach and Astrologer. Together, Michael and Janine dive deep into the rebirthing stage of Humanity: the Renaissance period we are re-living again. Old systems are collapsing and the new ones are getting implemented for the good of Humanity.


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