Unleashing Intuition Secrets

Unlocking Current Potential Through Past Lives with Rebecca Shaw

May 14, 2021

"When you tap into these past lives and you've had certain skills or abilities, or lessons that you've learned, it's like you pull forward, all of that into your current experience. And that's really powerful. "


Join host Michael Jaco, Ex-Navy Seal, who teaches you how to tap into your Intuition and Unleash the Power within, so you can become the Master of your Reality. In this week’s episode, he welcomes Rebecca Shaw to the show. Rebecca is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder of the American Hypnosis & Coaching Center, and Past Life Regression Therapist. They discuss his experiences with Rebecca and how he’s elevated his consciousness with her help, tips to get prepared for your regressions, the results of connecting with your past lives, how close children can get to their past lives, and the roles of doubt and trust in your journey.

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